FACT: In 1858, the New York Tribune shocked the world when it printed on its front page a letter written by Charles Dickens, giving intimate details concerning the break-up of the famous novelist’s marriage.

FACT: Tribune publisher Horace Greeley claimed to have received the confidential letter from a correspondent in Britain.

FACT: The only correspondent in London working for the Tribune at the time was an obscure German emigrant… named Karl Marx.

What follows in this farcical comedy, however, is pure fantasy. Karl Marx mistakenly gets hold of the scandalous letter and determines it must be returned to its rightful owner. His teenage daughter Jenny (a materialist, but not of the philosophical kind) has other plans. She swipes the letter, intending to have Greeley publish it, earning her father a sizable bonus and allowing her to finally get that perfect new bonnet she’s been wanting!

Only Nelly Ternan, the actress lady friend of Mr. Dickens, inadvertently takes the letter herself. Will the letter be recovered? Will Miss Ternan’s secret affair with the novelist be revealed? Will Herr Marx ever complete his magnum opus on political economy?

Capital is a rollicking farce in two acts that requires a simple set and only four actors.